Augmentation without Implants

Breast augmentation with implants has been the most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S. over the past five years, but some of Dr. Amirlak’s patients don’t like the idea of having artificial implants placed in their chest.

For these patients, Dr. Amirlak offers breast augmentation through fat transfer. While not able to change breast size to the same degree as when using implants, fat transfer provides our patients an all-natural enhancement that looks and feels completely natural.

What is fat transfer to the breasts?

Fat transfers involve harvesting a patient’s adipose (fat) cells from an area of the body with unwanted fat, purifying the fat cells, and then re-injecting them into an area where more volume is desired. Fat transfer is an alternative to breast augmentation with implants for moderate size increase.

How does fat transfer to the breasts compare to augmentation with implants?

Our patients are excited by the prospect of enlarging their breasts without the use of breast implants. They like the idea of using their own body fat rather than a manufactured implant to increase their breast size.

So how do they compare?

  • No danger of capsular contraction — The main complication of breast implants is capsular contracture, where scar tissue forms around the implant and constricts it. This is not possible with fat transfer.
  • No possible rippling — Implants placed above the pectoral muscle, particularly saline implants, can develop wrinkling that is visible on the breast surface. This is not possible with fat transfer.
  • No revision surgery — Breast implants have a lifespan, just like any manufactured item. They will need to be replaced every 10 years or so. Fat transfer is permanent, although not all of the transferred fat will “take.”
  • No surgical scars — Implants are inserted through a surgical incision. If the incision is made along the breast crease, the scar will be visible. Fat transfers are done with a syringe and this does not leave scars.
  • Lose unwanted fat — Because fat transfer utilizes liposuction to remove fat from areas such as the lower abdomen or the flanks, the breast increase is accompanied by body contouring. That’s like a two-for-one deal, and who doesn’t like that?!

While you cannot achieve the large-scale changes some women seek with augmentation, particularly if you want volume on the higher portion of the breasts, fat transfer with Dr. Amirlak is a great, natural alternative.

If you’re interested in breast augmentation through fat transfer, why not schedule a consultation with Dr. Amirlak and see if it’s right for you? Call us at (972) 972-4708 to schedule a consultation.

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