What are Extra Fill Implants?

Breast Augmentation Dallas, TXChoices for breast implants have expanded over the past decade. Silicone gels have evolved as well. Today’s silicone gel used in implants is far more cohesive than gel used even just 10 years ago. A new trend in silicone implants is called “extra fill.” Dr. Amirlak has had good success with these new implants, particularly the Natrelle Inspira line of implant options.

Dr. Amirlak likes his patients to have the most information possible, so here’s some more information on these extra fill implants.

What is extra fill?

Some problems with implants have been due to folding once the implant is in place. This is because the implant shells were not filled with as much gel or saline solution, so a fold could develop over time.

Extra fill implants are true to their name. They have a higher fill ratio that provides certain advantages for our patients.

What are the advantages of extra fill implants?

Dr. Amirlak feels these extra fill silicone implants can offer certain advantages.

  • Longer lifespan— Implants often rupture due to folding within the shell. Over time, a fold can create an area of friction that can eventually create a hole in the shell of the implant. When the shell is filled to a higher percentage it cannot develop a fold, so it won’t have the problems with friction creating potential holes in the shell.
  • No more rippling— The cohesive gel in these Inspira implants acts more like a soft solid than a liquid. When you combine that property with a higher fill percentage, the implant is much more stable. This keeps the implant shell smooth and won’t allow for folding. Folding, especially a problem with saline implants, results in rippling where the implant can be seen on the breast surface.
  • More volume at the top— These round extra fill implants add volume to the upper area of the breast, creating a more rounded look. In many women, it’s their upper breast area that loses fullness due to gravity, breastfeeding, and simple aging. This tends to flatten the upper breasts. Extra fill implants, due to their thicker gel and increased fill level, maintain more volume in this upper area of the breast.

When you’re doing your research into breast implants, be sure to check out extra fill implants, particularly the Natrelle Inspira line. They could be a good option for you.

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