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sexy young woman model in sexy dressWhen a woman has overly large natural breasts, they can be a burden, both physically and emotionally. Back pain, neck pain, posture problems, bra straps continually digging into your shoulders, even carpal tunnel syndrome can all result from having heavy, large natural breasts. Beyond the physical impact, overly large natural breasts can impact a woman’s life in many other ways. Her breasts can make a woman avoid certain exercise regimens and sports. They can be a distraction at work, and social situations can be so annoying, due to the unwanted attention, that it’s easier to simply stay home.

If those descriptions sound like your life, it could be time to consider breast reduction surgery with Dr. Amirlak. These surgeries reduce the size and weight of your breasts, making them proportional with the rest of your figure. They can truly be life changing procedures.

In this February blog, let’s get into a couple questions Dr. Amirlak often hears from potential breast reduction patients.

How small can I go with breast reduction surgery?

How much you’d like Dr. Amirlak to reduce your breasts is completely your decision; there isn’t a limit. Most of our patients opt to keep their breasts proportional with the rest of their figure. They want to reduce the burden and weight of their breasts, rather than focus on a specific size decrease. The goal is to make your breasts proportional, alleviating their negative impact on your life.

Some patients coming to us for this surgery are so sick of their oversized breasts that they talk about radically decreasing their size. They’ve spent a life dealing with their breasts and want to be done with them. But you also don’t want to regret downsizing your breasts too much at a later date. After all, your body shape will change dramatically with this procedure. It’s a welcome change, but it will be an adjustment.

When you meet with Dr. Amirlak for your consultation, the two of your will discuss your goals and see how much you’d like to decrease your breasts. Most of our patients opt to reduce their breasts by one to two cup sizes.

Will a breast reduction make me look thinner?

Most of our patients feel their breast reduction made them feel thinner. While Dr. Amirlak will remove a few pounds of fatty tissue with this procedure, this isn’t about weight loss; it’s about removing sagging, excess skin, and fatty breast tissue.

Still, not having very large, sagging breasts will make you appear thinner. Part of that could be the clothes you will now be able to wear. Most women with overly large natural breasts seek to hide them, so they wear loose-fitting clothing. They’re tired of the attention their breasts receive and they keep them covered. But after having reduction, you can now buy clothes that complement your new smaller chest. This will make you appear thinner.

Many of our breast reduction patients are so thrilled to be rid of their outsized breasts that they really change their lives. They join exercise classes and generally become more physically active because now they can…without pain.

All of this contributes to you feeling and looking thinner. How great is that? These are great procedures for women tired of the burden of their overly large natural breasts!

Have you thought about wanting to surgically reduce your breasts? Call Dr. Amirlak at (972) 972-4708 and set up a consultation for breast reduction surgery.

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