What Is Facial Feminization Surgery?

Caucasian elegant woman with pleasure treating skin with beauty device for peelingAre you interested in facial feminization surgery (FFS)? This is not one single procedure – you have several to choose from that, together, will soften male facial features. You have a lot to think about if you are considering FFS; here is some information to help!

What Are My Choices for FFS?

Your plans and goals for FFS probably aren’t like anyone else’s, and the procedures you choose will be specific to you. You might choose one or more of the following procedures to achieve the look you want:

  • Forehead reduction. Reducing the size of the forehead and contouring it, typically done by removing part of the bone above the brows and shaping what is left, can help to create a more feminine-looking face.
  • Cheek implants. These implants may be silicone, or they may even be fat transferred from another part of the patient’s body. Implants can help cheekbones to look higher and more defined.
  • Rhinoplasty. This is the medical term for a nose job. Rhinoplasty is used in FFS to reduce the width of the nose and reshape the tip of the nose and the bridge.
  • Lip lift. Women typically have lips that are larger than men’s, and they are closer to the nose. The top lip can be raised, and lips can also be augmented so that they look fuller.
  • Chin reduction. Men’s jaws are typically more square and wider than women’s jaws. The chin can be reduced to look more feminine and less prominent, and it can be shaped to look more pointed.
  • Electrolysis. This is a way of getting rid of hair. It is not only used on the face; it can also remove hair from the back, bikini line, and abdomen. Patients report this isn’t painful, although it may feel like a little pinch. It removes hair permanently.

If you are considering FFS, you have a lot of decisions to make! The first step is to meet with the expert staff at Amirlak Plastic Surgery to discuss your options and what this surgery involves. Call the office in Dallas, Texas, for an FFS consultation. Call 972-972-4708 for an appointment today!

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