Making Use of Your Fat

All of us struggle with unwanted fat. Maybe it’s a few pounds here; maybe it’s a bulging area there. Getting rid of the fat is a universal goal. That’s why liposuction is one of the U.S.’s most popular cosmetic procedures every year.

But what if you didn’t simply have to ship the fat off to the trash? What if you could give it a job? That’s what Dr. Amirlak does with his fat transfer procedures. He takes the fat from where you don’t want it and re-injects it back where you need it, on sagging cheeks and other areas of the face and on the backs of your hands.

How is fat transfer done?

To get the fat he needs, Dr. Amirlak will discuss with you the areas you’d like to lose some fat, such as the abdomen or flanks. The fat is then harvested using liposuction, and the fat is purified in a centrifuge where we remove any blood or other liquids, leaving only healthy fat cells and stem cells ready for re-injection.

Then he re-injects the fat into the target areas, such as the backs of the hands and face.


Dr. Amirlak uses cutting-edge technology for these procedures. He breaks up the fat into smaller or individual bundles of cells. These techniques used by Dr. Amirlak are referred to as microfat grafting and fractionated fat grafting. By doing this, he eliminates the lumpiness and uneven texture that other patients have experienced at other practices.

The hands and the face

By using microfat grafting techniques, Dr. Amirlak is able to use fat transfers on areas that would easily show any lumpiness, the face and the backs of the hands. On the face, we lose both fat and collagen in areas such as the cheeks and areas around our temples. This loss of underlying support is also accentuated by sagging skin. Dr. Amirlak strategically injects the fat into these areas, in effect creating a facelift without any incisions. While the results may not be as dramatic as a surgical facelift, patients are happy to have rejuvenation without the surgery and recovery.

On the backs of the hands, thinning skin, sun damage, and declining collagen allow our tendons and blood vessels to project upward. It’s not that they are any higher than they ever were — it’s that the skin has thinned and sagged so much that they are now that much more visible. Dr. Amirlak places fat injections all over the backs of the hands to replace the lost volume that has allowed the tendons and veins to show. The result is much younger looking hands where the skeletal look is gone. These are long-term results, as the fat that is transferred can remain in place for decades. To be successful it only needs to acquire a blood supply.

Are you interested in putting your own fat to work where it’s needed? Call Dr. Amirlak at (972) 972-4708 to schedule a consultation.

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