Transfer the Fat to Where It’s Beneficial

Fat transferNo matter what kind of shape you’re in, we all have pockets of fat that are virtually impossible to get rid of through the usual means of dietary changes and exercise. That’s why liposuction was invented.

But what if you could take the fat from a location you don’t want it, such as the thighs or abdomen, and move it to places you could use a little plumping, such as the backs of the hands and areas of the face.

That’s exactly what Dr. Amirlak does with his fat transfers.

What is a fat transfer?

Also known as fat grafting and fat injection, these procedures are basically like having a dermal filler injected. But instead of the filler being absorbed by the body in 9-12 months, it would be as if the filler provided volume permanently. That’s what happens with transferred fat cells in these procedures.

Dr. Amirlak uses liposuction to remove the fat from one area of your body. The fat is then purified. He then injects the purified fat into the backs of the hands and certain areas on the face to fill and rejuvenate.

Where is the fat usually injected?

Dr. Amirlak usually transfers the fat back into the back of the hands and areas on the face. The backs of the hands are dramatically affected by aging. The tendons and blood vessels seem rise to the surface, giving your hands a skeletal appearance. This is due to a combination of sun damage, declining collagen production, and tissue slackening. You may have heard of Restylane Lyft being used to return volume to the hands. The problem with fillers, however, is that they are not permanent, as the body eventually absorbs hyaluronic acid.

Dr. Amirlak likes augmenting the hands with the patient’s own fat because the results are permanent. It may take a couple sessions, as some of the fat will not “take” during the first session. But once the fat cells acquire a blood supply they are there for the duration.

On the face, Dr. Amirlak uses fat to restore volume in the mid-face and at the temples. This gives the patient a firmer appearance and soft, rounded contours.

Innovative techniques

You may have heard that fat transfers can sometimes be uneven and even lumpy, but Dr. Amirlak uses new cutting-edge technology to break the fat cells up to smaller or individual bundles of cells. This provides a more natural contour. These new techniques are known as micro fat grafting and fractionated fat grafting.

Are you interested in putting that unwanted fat to good use filling areas where you’ve lost volume? Call Dr. Amirlak at (214) 974-4948 and set up a consultation for fat transfer for the New Year.

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