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Healthy muscular young man on grey backgroundYou’ve heard the slang term — man boobs — but the condition deserves more respect. The medical term is gynecomastia, and it applies to men whose breasts are enlarged. The numbers affected by gynecomastia aren’t a trifling by any means: 40 to 60% of men are affected by the condition, although many do nothing about it. They may avoid taking their shirts off in public. They may turn down waterskiing invitations. But they simply live with the condition, and it can negatively affect their self-esteem.

Dr. Amirlak can help with male breast reduction surgery. This simple procedure can reduce your enlarged breasts. Winter in Dallas is a great time to have this surgery.

Causes of gynecomastia

The causes of adult gynecomastia are not all known. But in pubescent boys, where the condition is common (affecting up to 70% of boys to some degree), the cause is estrogen and testosterone and the changes they cause in the body. Teenage gynecomastia usually passes as hormone levels stabilize.

Middle-aged and older men can also have enlarged breasts due to shifts in hormone levels that come with aging. Certain medicines also can cause gynecomastia:

  • Steroids
  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-anxiety drugs
  • AIDS treatment drugs
  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Heartburn treatment drugs

Also, marijuana and heroin use can trigger breast enlargement, as can drinking too much alcohol. Certain herbal products that contain tea tree oil and lavender oil can have the same effect because they contain natural estrogen.

Who should have male breast reduction surgery?

Men whose breasts have grown as part of weight gain are not candidates for male breast reduction surgery. They need to first lose the excess weight and see if the condition persists. Also, heavy drinkers or marijuana smokers are not eligible for the procedure as their breast enlargement is a byproduct of usage.

Men with gynecomastia have a firm, rubbery mass underneath the nipple area. The size is usually less than two inches across and may be sensitive to touch. In an attempt to reduce the condition, your primary care physician may prescribe medication that reduces the amount of estrogen your body is producing.

Male breast reduction surgery

If Dr. Amirlak has determined your condition can be addressed with reduction surgery, the surgery itself isn’t that complicated. Small incisions are made in the armpits or around the areolae. Through those incisions, excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue will be removed. If necessary, Dr. Amirlak may use liposuction to suction away any extra fat.

Are you interested in the possibility of male breast reduction? Call Dr. Amirlak at (972) 972-4708 to schedule a consultation.

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