Firming Up Loose, Saggy Thighs

If you’ve gained and then lost a good deal of weight, your thighs are thinner, but now the skin on them is sagging and hanging. You did the work to lose the weight, and this is what you’re left with. Not exactly what you want to present to the world the next time you go down to the Gulf or get asked to go waterskiing on a hot Dallas day!

In addition to your skin losing some of its elasticity, fatty deposits on the inner and outer thighs are especially resistant to changes in diet and exercise. If you’ve lost the weight, it can be discouraging that your thighs are now loose and hanging, not taut, as you had hoped.

A thigh lift with Dr. Amirlak can finish the process and tighten those sagging thighs.

What is a thigh lift?

Thigh lift surgery reshapes the thighs by reducing excess skin and removing excess fat. Dr. Amirlak’s goals with this surgery is to make the thighs smoother, better proportioned in comparison to the rest of the lower body, and more contoured.

Know that a thigh lift is not intended strictly to remove fat pockets, however. Liposuction can do that job, especially if your skin still has good elasticity. A thigh lift is first and foremost about removing excess sagging skin.

The procedure

As with most surgeries, there is no exact procedure for every patient. Incision patterns are based on the areas to be treated, the degree of change needed, and the preferred techniques of the surgeon.

The most common technique for a thigh lift places the incisions in the groin, extending downward and wrapping around the back of the thigh. The underlying tissue is then reshaped and tightened, excess skin is trimmed, and then the skin is re-draped over the thigh.

Incisions may also extend from the groin around the top of the hip or other locations. The goal is to be able to hide the incision scars under clothing or swimsuits, but incisions with thigh lifts can be extensive.

After your procedure, you will be required to wear compression garments over your thighs to minimize swelling and help the body adapt to its new contours.

Want to tighten up your thighs to match your new slimmer contour? You probably won’t be able to do much with diet and exercise. But a thigh lift can make the changes you seek. Call Dr. Amirlak at (214) 974-4948 to schedule a consultation.

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