Jami Savino

You operated on my daughter on August 11th for migraines. She is doing great!!!! Thank God for you and your brilliance!

She is in school, living a normal 17 year old life, just got a job to work at William Beaumont hospital here in Michigan. She’s applying for college soon and headed in the pre-med direction.

She does get headache sometimes, but takes something and it goes away!
She doesn’t regret the surgery at all!

I was just in Dallas for a conference this weekend and it was very emotional for me. I wished so badly I could come and thank you in person.

On a side note: have you published anything about your surgeries and the “Amirlak nerve” that was present with izzy?

I hope you are well! We will be forever grateful!

— Jami Savino ( mom ), from Michigan

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