At Amirlak Plastic Surgery, we know that choosing the right surgeon is an important decision that’s based on many factors. Here are several reviews from just a few of our satisfied patients who would recommend our practice.


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“My experience with Dr. Amurlak was all very positive and I am extremely happy with the results. From start to finish, I could tell that my personal safety and satisfaction were the top priority. The entire staff was always professional and made me feel comfortable both before the surgery and during recovery. With Dr. Amurlak’s team, the preparation and the follow-up appointments were just as important as the surgery. They have such a dedication to getting everything perfect, I would not go anywhere else.”

“Where do I begin…I started my journey with Dr.Amirlak last year, I knew I had to have explant surgery due to ruptured implants. I was very nervous and actually very scared because I couldn’t imagine what I would look like. Dr. Amirlak’s team starting with his Assistant Michelle Mendez to the Nurses who took care of me post op, were truly God sent!! I am absolutely in love with my new breasts! Dr. Amirlak is definitely the most compassionate and kind-hearted Plastic Surgeon I have ever met. He is without a doubt a perfectionist!! Very meticulous with his work but nothing compares to his bedside manner. He always made me feel comfortable, and put my mind to ease. I highly recommend him and will be going back to him in the future! Thank you to all at UTSW who were a part of my plastic surgery journey. Special thanks to Dr. Amirlak for all that you do!!”

“I had an absolutely fantastic experience with Dr. Amirlak and the staff. Being MTF transgender I felt very comfortable with them, they where professional as well as warm and inviting. They listened to all of my questions and concerns and was great at informing me on every thing I needed to know for pre surgery, the surgery itself, and post surgery etc. The surgery it self went great as well, I didn’t have any issues. This is a great option for transgender people that want surgery and I highly recommend Dr. Amirlak.

*Note: I went for MtF transgender breast augmentation.”

“Dr. Amirlak is the TOP plastic surgeon in the country. I know this because when my migraines were out of control we were referred to him by multiple doctors including my neurologist and plastic surgeon from Manhattan. Apparently Dr. Amirlak is the doctor who other doctors rely on to help address their most difficult cases. This speaks volumes of how highly regarded he is in the medical community. He is incredibly brilliant with unparalleled passion for helping his patients.

Dr. Amirlak has performed migraine surgery, botox and a few minor cosmetic procedures on me. The results have been phenomenal everytime. I have gone from having multiple, incapacitating migraines a month to having absolutely ZERO migraines (and without having to take any medications!). It’s been a life changer.

Dr. Amirlak’s credentials are second to none but what I appreciate most is his incredibly caring and kind bedside manner. I have seen him regularly over the past 4 years and he spends an extraordinary amount of time at each visit to not only address every concern but also to get to know me on a personal level. It’s obvious that he is a very busy and in-demand physician but never rushes. I can’t describe how much this is appreciated.

This doctor is an absolute perfectionist and more importantly, always puts patient’s safety first. We consulted with other ‘top doctors’ who were eager to take our money and perform surgery right away. In contrast, Dr. Amirlak worked very diligently and systematically over a period of many months to develop a plan to optimize my results. He suggested changes I could make pre-operatively to improve my health and maximize the outcome of my surgery. I am so thankful for it! Not only did these suggestions help ensure the best possible results from my procedures but improved my life in every way. I don’t know what these other folks are complaining about but I am now eating healthier, lost weight, have loads of energy and am happier than ever 🙂

Dr. Amirlak is a very wise, honest and caring surgeon. He doesn’t beat around the bush and is very direct. Those who follow his advice will be very grateful (whether they like hearing it or not).

Thank you Dr. A for giving me a new lease on life! I don’t know how I can ever repay you.”

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