Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation


When a woman gives birth, the vagina and surrounding tissues stretch to allow the baby to pass through. After birth, the vagina gradually contracts to a normal diameter once more, but it does not reach its previous tightness, tone or elasticity.

Many women find that the vagina and pelvic floor area become loose after childbirth, and they may not derive as much pleasure from sexual intercourse because of reduced friction and difficulty reaching climax. Multiple births and difficult deliveries can compound this problem. Kegel exercises typically do not compensate entirely for such looseness. In some cases, some women have been unhappy with vaginal size or laxity throughout their lives, even if they have not had children.

diVa Hybrid laser vaginal rejuvenation system is an outpatient therapy that can help tighten, enhance sexual function and even improve incontinence.

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