Transgender Surgery in Dallas, TX

Transgender Surgery in Dallas, Texas at Amirlak Plastic Surgery

Sex Change Surgery in Dallas TX

Lili Elbe (1882–1931), was among the early recipients of sex reassignment surgery

Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) or Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS) or Gender Affirmation Surgery (GAS)

Dr. Amirlak offers male to female (MTF) and female to male (FTM) top surgery for the breasts, as well as facial surgery for feminization or masculinization in accordance with the WPATH guidelines for treatment in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Amirlak works with endocrinologists and psychologists both at UTSW and Children’s hospitals, as well as other Dallas communities. Contact us for more information on transgender surgery options at Amirlak Plastic Surgery in Dallas TX.

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Do I Need to Do Anything Prior to Scheduling a Consultation with Dr. Amirlak for Transgender Surgery?

transgender surgery dallas txIf you are planning on using health insurance, documentation for hormonal therapy as well as a letter from a mental health therapist confirming the diagnosis of gender dysphoria based on the WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) criteria is necessary. In certain cases, your insurance company may require letters from two separate mental health professionals.

Dr. Amirlak is a member of the WPATH and adheres to their guidelines with patient evaluation and surgeries. We strive to provide the best patient experience and the greatest aesthetic outcome. Dr. Amirlak has trained with renowned transgender and aesthetic facial surgeons and has mastered the art of transgender top surgery and facial feminization surgery in Dallas TX.

We have teamed up with adult and pediatric endocrinologists, gynecologists, and mental health therapists to provide the best comprehensive care for our patients.

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What Should I Expect from Recovery from Surgery?

You should avoid strenuous activity such as aerobic and weight lifting exercises for 2-3 weeks for both FTM and MTF top surgery. This includes swimming in pools, lakes, or hot tubs, as well as refraining from any sexual activity. Following FTM surgery, you can wash your hair or the lower part of your body as long as you do not get the chest dressing wet. Following MTF surgery, you can shower on the same day of your surgery.

Patients can return to work as soon as they feel well enough, with the restriction of limiting strenuous physical activity. Generally, patients will take one to two weeks off from work to allow time for proper healing.  Although some surgeons may push earlier return to work, we would like to optimize our aesthetic outcomes and minimize complications. In standard MTF breast augmentation patients have less discomfort than FTM patients.

How Much Does Transgender Top Surgery Cost?

Most insurance companies are covering these surgeries. In case of denials or lack of insurance, the price ranges from $5,000-15,000 depending on the type and extent of the transgender surgery. Keep in mind that each surgery is patient-specific and these prices will vary from patient to patient.

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Gender Affirmation Bottom Surgery

We offer a comprehensive team approach for facial and top breast surgery for our transgender patients. We feel that gender affirmation bottom surgery should be done in a center that has a dedicated microsurgery team with extensive training and experience in this area. Although we have world experts in each of these categories, we would like to develop a more comprehensive and cohesive approach before we offer these surgeries to our transgender patients.

At this time, we refer patients interested in bottom surgery to a specific center that we collaborate with that has a team that we feel provides the best care to our patients.

Nevertheless, the UT Southwestern team is in the process of developing the requirements to offer transgender bottom surgery to our patients in the future.

We feel that the experience and expertise in top and facial surgery are at the highest level at UT Southwestern. We welcome patients to visit our clinic and we hope to achieve the best personal and aesthetic outcomes for our transgender patients.


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