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Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Making a Change

Breast augmentation is a highly successful and satisfying procedure for our Dallas patients. But, like any surgery, it isn’t a perfect science, and there are times when a patient wants to make a change with her implants. It could be that the procedure was performed by another surgeon and the results weren’t as hoped. In… Read More »

Eyebrow Restoration Dallas, TX

Getting the Eyebrows You Want

If you have thin, virtually non-existent eyebrows, the daily hassle of penciling them in is a drag. But getting tattooed eyebrows doesn’t appeal to you. So, you just live with them and wish they were different. Dr. Amirlak can perform eyebrow transplantation to give you thick, healthy eyebrows. Transplantation involves removing individual hair follicles from… Read More »

Buttock Augmentation Dallas TX

Bigger Backsides are In

If you’re over 40, you’re old enough to remember when supermodels all strove to look as if they were either on a hunger strike or were heroin addicts. This look was perpetuated by Kate Moss, who was the top model of that period. Her curveless figure was seemingly on every beauty magazine cover. Fortunately, normal… Read More »

Lip Augmentation Dallas TX

Getting Kissable Lips

Most women see Angelina Jolie’s lips and curse them — why can’t my lips be shapely and plump like hers? But you can have plumper, more kissable lips with a little Restylane Silk or Juvederm Volbella. Both of those hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are FDA approved for lip enhancement and Dr. Amirlak uses them to… Read More »

Brow Lift Dallas TX

Help Your Brows Fight Gravity

Gravity is the ultimate worker, never taking a day off or calling in sick. Only that guy who was in the International Space Station for one year got a break from the pull of gravity for any length of time. And while gravity may indeed be helpful for keeping us from being pulled into space,… Read More »

Dallas 4D High Definition Liposuction – Combining SAFELipo® and VASERlipo®

Traditional liposuction techniques can leave the patient’s treatment area lumpy, uneven, and look somewhat unnatural. Dr. Amirlak has combined the two highly effective and innovative techniques of SAFELipo® and VASERlipo® System to provide the Dallas patients with the ultimate defined body. Men usually seek six-pack abs and a V-shaped torso. Women are either seeking a… Read More »

3-Dimensional Imaging and Photography Dallas TX

Our 3D Imaging Helps You Make Decisions

At Dr. Amirlak’s practice, we’re big on seeing the future. Not in some fortuneteller way, but in the latest technology that allows our patients to see exactly what a possible procedure will look like, in three-dimensional images. The centerpiece of our technology is our Vectra 3D system. The Vectra 3D System can be used to… Read More »

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