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3D Imaging & 3D Printing

3 Dimensional Imaging, virtual reality imaging and 3D printing is an innovative, useful way of analyzing body and face surgery and embracing it will bring useful cutting edge advantage.

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Burn Care and Reconstruction

Burns that penetrate below the superficial layer of the skin, or epidermis, can leave patients with scars and disfigurements. Serious scarring not only results in negatively altered appearance, but often has detrimental psychological consequences. When burns are severe enough, they damage muscular, bone or nerve tissue, affecting mobility, strength and sensation. Physicians can do much to repair the damage suffered by burn victims through a variety of procedures, including burn reconstruction.

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Fat Grafting

New fat grafting techniques have improved the immediate and long term results of facial, breast and hand rejuvenation.

  • Structural Fat Grafting
  • Fractionial Fat Grafting
  • Nano Fat / Stem Cell Grafting

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Minimally invasive procedures can save you a longer recovery from more involved traditional procedure.

Several examples of the minimally invasive procedure we offer are:

  • Endoscopic Facial Rejuvenation
  • CoolSculpting: Nonsurgical Body-Contouring Treatment
  • Ulthera – Facial Rejuvenation and Nonsurgical Facelift

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Scar Revision

Scar revision reduces the prominence of scars that result from injury or previous surgery. Although many scars fade over time and become barely noticeable, disruptions to the healing process can cause them to become red, raised, indented or otherwise deformed. The prominence of a scar depends on the type and severity of the injury that caused it, and the patient’s age, overall health and ability to heal. For people who are unhappy with or embarrassed by their scars, there are a number of procedures available to make scars less apparent.

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Transgender Surgery

Dr. Amirlak Offers Male to female ( MTF ) and female to male ( FTM ) TOP surgery for the breasts as well as facial surgery for feminization or masculinization in accordance with the WPATH guidelines for treatment.

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Treatment of Migraines

Migraines and chronic headache treatment with migraine surgery nerve decompression and target BOTOX with Dr. Amirlak’s own technique “Anatomical Regional Targeted“ BOTOX injection.

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