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Losing the Fat on Your Upper Arms

Liposuction is one of Dr. Amirlak’s most popular procedures. That’s because just about everyone has pockets of stubborn fat that seem impervious to dietary restraint and exercise. When you think of liposuction, most people assume the person is having it done on the lower abdomen (the tummy), the outer flanks, the buttocks, or even to… Read More »

Dallas 4D High Definition Liposuction – Combining SAFELipo® and VASERlipo®

Traditional liposuction techniques can leave the patient’s treatment area lumpy, uneven, and look somewhat unnatural. Dr. Amirlak has combined the two highly effective and innovative techniques of SAFELipo® and VASERlipo® System to provide the Dallas patients with the ultimate defined body. Men usually seek six-pack abs and a V-shaped torso. Women are either seeking a… Read More »

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