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Get Cheeky This Spring

One of the real crimes of aging is the way it makes our facial areas flatten and sag. This is especially true in the cheeks. What once were full, round cheeks are now sunken and flattened. You can have silicone or Gore-Tex cheek implants placed, but many patients are leery of cheek implant surgery. Dr.… Read More »

Making Use of Your Fat

All of us struggle with unwanted fat. Maybe it’s a few pounds here; maybe it’s a bulging area there. Getting rid of the fat is a universal goal. That’s why liposuction is one of the U.S.’s most popular cosmetic procedures every year. But what if you didn’t simply have to ship the fat off to… Read More »

Innovations in Fat Transfer

Dr. Amirlak likes to use fat grafting/fat transfer as filler material for the face and the backs of the hands. For one thing, using the person’s own fat is a natural solution — you’re simply moving if from where you don’t want it to areas you do. Second, these are permanent changes. Unlike the injection… Read More »

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