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Woman with Red Lips Makeup and Jewelry Earrings

Tips for Luscious Lips

The excitement of the holidays has died down, but that’s OK. We still have February to look forward to – the month that inspires declarations of love and a lot more kissing than you might find in another, more boring month. Has the extra emphasis on your lips gotten you to think that they aren’t… Read More »

What Does an Upper Lip Lift Do?

The shape and vertical height of your lips play a significant role in overall appearance and youthfulness. If you’ve always felt that your lips are too thin, or if you’ve noticed that your upper lip has begun to stretch out as you age, then an upper lip lift may be right for you. The benefits… Read More »

Do Your Lips Need a Lift?

Everyone would like to have full lips like Angelina Jolie, but for the vast majority of us we either never had plump, shapely lips or else they’ve thinned with sagging and declining collagen production. Celebrities started the trend of using dermal fillers to add volume to their lips. It started with Juvéderm Ultra, but the… Read More »

Lip Augmentation Dallas TX

Getting Kissable Lips

Most women see Angelina Jolie’s lips and curse them — why can’t my lips be shapely and plump like hers? But you can have plumper, more kissable lips with a little Restylane Silk or Juvederm Volbella. Both of those hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are FDA approved for lip enhancement and Dr. Amirlak uses them to… Read More »

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