You Can See Your Future with Vectra 3D Simulation

For many of our patients at Amirlak Plastic Surgery, one of the most difficult parts of coming in for a cosmetic procedure is the unknown. What will I look like after I have this surgery?

Dr. Amirlak is a big believer in the use of photography, videography, and digital imaging to help patients get a feeling for just how their appearance will change with these cosmetic surgeries. Much of this is thanks to our Vectra® 3D computer imaging system. This system allows our patients to accurately visualize the results of their procedure long before even putting on a surgical gown.

The Vectra® 3D system can be used to help patients visualize the results of the wide variety of procedures Dr. Amirlak performs.

The process

This is how Vectra works. We have you stand in front of the camera system so that three-dimensional photographs of the target area can be taken. These images are then pieced together with the advanced Sculptor™ software in the system to create a computer-generated 3D model of the patient’s face, breast, or body. These images can then be customized and viewed from all sorts of angles.

Once we have the 3D model, we can then input different changes that could be made with your potential surgery. For instance, you can see how different size breast implants will look on the 3D model of your body. Or you can see what narrowing the bridge of your nose will look like. Basically, anything we could do through surgery you can see through these computer-generated models. The system accurately recreates the patient before any procedure is performed.

The Vectra® 3D simulation is the key

The key to this system’s realistic imaging is Vectra’s software. The software creates the “after” image of the patient, basing it upon the specifics of the patient’s actual body taken in the 3D image. Once the parameters are entered — say, breast augmentation from an A to a C cup size — the software builds the simulation. But this initial simulation isn’t the end. At this point, Dr. Amirlak can use simulated sculpting tools to change the size, shape, and position of the treatment area. Depending on the procedure, facial features can be smoothed, tightened, and resized; breasts can be made larger, lifted, and shaped to the patient’s preference. This simulation can then guide Dr. Amirlak when he prepares for and performs the actual surgery.

Are you interested is seeing how a procedure such as rhinoplasty will look before you even schedule a date for your surgery? Call us at (972) 972-4708 and set up a consultation with Dr. Amirlak.

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