All About Otoplasty: What to Expect

OtoplastyDo your ears make you feel self-conscious? You may try to hide them behind your hair, but you feel like they always poke out and make you feel uncomfortable. Ideally, you wish you could downsize your ears, or perhaps they’re too small, and you want them to be bigger. Otoplasty is a cosmetic ear surgery that can revise your ear concerns. Keep reading to discover what this surgery entails, what the recovery looks like, and what results to expect.

What Cosmetic Ear Issues Can Otoplasty Fix?

Ear surgery or otoplasty can correct many ear issues. Although many patients wish for cosmetic benefits, the procedure can also help if you’ve suffered an ear injury.

Otoplasties are beneficial for microtia, which causes smaller ears than normal. You’re also a candidate if your earlobes have pronounced wrinkles and creases or if they’re torn or stretched. Prolonged ear trauma, which can cause cauliflower ear, is correctable with otoplasty, and it can also treat lop ear and ear protrusions. Ear pinning is the most common procedure for the latter.

If you’re missing parts of your ear, such as from skin cancer or an injury, an otoplasty can rebuild and make your ear whole again.

What Is the Recovery from Otoplasty Like?

Otoplasties are outpatient and require local or general anesthesia (or sometimes a sedative). Since the procedure requires making an incision behind your ear and then adjusting the cartilage, you should be aware of a few minor side effects.

The main side effect is ear pain, including throbbing, which is normal and will pass within several days. Many patients notice the pain alleviates within hours of their procedure. Nevertheless, your surgeon will prescribe painkillers as needed.

You’ll wear bandages around your ear(s) for at least a week, then see your surgeon to get the stitches taken out. Within a week, you can resume your normal life.

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