ADOR™ Dallas-Brazillian Butt Lift and Waist Shaping

Today everyone seems to want more curves, and this certainly applies to a woman’s uniquely curvy hips. That’s why the Brazilian butt lift is one of today’s most popular cosmetic surgeries. But if you’ve been doing your research, you may have read about botched procedures and dangerous practitioners. That’s an unfortunate byproduct of a cosmetic surgery becoming popular — unqualified people and practices start performing them.

But a ADOR™ Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Amirlak is different. He has published articles in industry publications about this fat transfer procedure, and he uses a more advanced technique that creates great results and does so with the utmost safety.

What is a Brazilian butt lift compared with butt augmentation?

The difference is basically fat transfer versus implants. In a Brazilian butt lift, a patient’s own fat is used for the augmentation. In implant augmentation, implants are surgically placed. In implant augmentation, the results are permanent, but sometimes implants can move and require revision surgery. Dr. Amirlak believes the Brazilian butt lift is the superior procedure, unless the patient does not have enough fat to harvest. The consensus seems to be that Brazilian butt lift augmentation delivers more natural looking results.

What is a ADOR™ Brazilian butt lift?

Dr. Amirlak uses his modification, ADOR™ (Anatomically Defined Objective Reshaping). This is a combination of the of the S-Curve waist shaping and Buttock reshaping method, combined with a traditional Brazilian Butt lift. ADOR™ creates a body shape that is both sensually curvy and tastefully proportional, based on individualized anatomy. This method aims to remove fat from areas that make a woman’s figure less curvy, such as the flanks and above the hips. The purified fat is then injected back into the areas of the buttocks that create a pleasing result.

Dr. Amirlak pays particular attention to the lateral and mid-portion of the buttocks, sacral triangle, dimples of Venus and lower waist areas, as these areas compliment the natural, sensual and attractive look of the buttocks. The ADOR™ method demands extensive pre-operative analysis and planning with the patient’s unique contours. There is definitely an art to knowing how much fat to remove and how much fat to leave in the areas targeted with liposuction. Of course, the same applies for the re-injection sites. Throughout the procedure, post-operative shaping with lymphatic massage and foam application is part of the ADOR™ protocol.

Safety is our number one goal and for this reason we avoid injection in the muscle which could lead to complications seen in other places of the country. Dr. Amirlak’s extensive training, experience, and professionalism ensure the utmost safety.

Want to add some shape to your backside? Call us at (972) 972-4708 and let’s talk about a Brazilian butt lift.

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